Trying to get back into the mood of painting and just arting in general. Also I still need practice in backgrounds.

It started out as a background and then I decided to throw my characters, Jin Long and Aiya, inside haha. Kinda tough putting characters into backgrounds.


20. Sleeping

For the OC Art Meme.

Did this on open canvas with Gabby. She drew in her own character on the right xD 


3. In a school uniform.

For the OC Art Meme.

Mr China and his brother, Jin Long uvu <3


15. Eating

For that OC Art meme.

Done very quickly on Open Canvas with Gabby haha so it’s not really well presented.


Mr China and Aiya: Merry Christmas by Digimitsu

Aiya plonking a santa hat on Mr China uvu <3 Just wanted to draw something Christmassy for these two haha. He probably doesn’t know what Christmas is. This would be his first.

Lets pretend Aiya is standing on a ridiculously high stack of books or on a table or something.


Deity Zheng Jie and Aiya by Digimitsu

Not sure to call this a WIP or not… They are not done and Aiya is unclear and hard to read, many things still not cleaned up about them etc etc… but ahhh, I’m tired of fixing xD

Also practising backgrounds. I desperately need to do more backgrounds :/


Mr China and Aiya: WEEEEE by Digimitsu

Just Mr China playing with Aiya uvu Kind of did it randomly lawl.

Thinking of opening commissions like these but idk.


Deity Zheng Jie 111513 by Digimitsu

…Just felt like drawing this guy again. (◕‿◕✿) He’s fun. + practising male bodies again



This is how my OC, Mr China is supposed to be like. Disgusting and gross uvu

Could probably be worse though.

Asked by natsumi6458 natsumi6458

mr. china what is your zodiac symbol and whats your daughters?

(( Mr China’s one can be found on the about page lol. ))

I am a Virgo, born in the year of the ram. Aiya is an Aries I believe. Born in the year of the rat. I hope that answers your question.